November 29, 2023

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Does Life360 Notify When You Log Out?

Life360 is the ultimate mom app. It uses GPS to constantly show the temporary location of your loved ones. Some might say it brings restrictions to privacy, but it is a tool that helps people have peace of mind when their loved ones are away.

Instead of sending a dozen texts or voice messages, you can simply look up your loved one’s location on the map. Do not worry, your location is not visible to everyone using the app, it is just for people in your inner circle.

If you were wondering if there is a notification when you log out, there is. When you turn off your location, other members of the circle will see a message saying Location Paused. You can learn about this and other Life360 tips if you keep reading.

Does Life360 Notify You Log Out

About Life360

Life360 exists for over a decade now and it is strange that many people still have not heard about it. It is available for download on both iOS and Android, and it is free to use.

You can choose to get a premium account which will add additional handy features. For some extra money, there is also the Driver Protect addition, which lets you check if a person from your circle is texting and driving, or speeding. It will also let you know if their car was in an accident so you can check on them and call the authorities if necessary.

How to Use It

Download and install the app from your app store. You need to register an account, using your phone number, email address and of course, a password. Uploading your picture is advised, so your family can make an easier distinction on the map.

After you and your family or friends have registered, you can add each other. You can have a separate circle for any group, one where you include your kids, one for your significant other and one for your friends. Members of a circle are the only ones who will see the information for that circle.

How to set up a circle:

  1. Select the menu located in the top left corner.
  2. Choose Create Circle.
  3. You will receive a code so you can share it with people you want in your circle.
  4. They need to have Life360 installed.
    life360 code

Once your circle is complete, you can see all of its members pinpointed to the map at all times. You can also mark a place in the menu, for example, a school where your kid goes. Tap on your kid’s name in the circle and choose a school. Now the app will let you know when your kid enters or leaves school.

Life360 Notifies When You Log Out

With Life360 you can send instant messages, see the remaining battery of your contacts and their location history in the past two days. Premium extends history to a month.

Location Sharing

As mentioned before, you can see the location of all members in your circle at all times. Unless they turn off the location sharing or log out of the app. You will get notified with a message telling you their location or GPS is off, they have no network or their cell phone is off.

Life360 Notify When You Log Out

There will be an exclamation mark next to their name. This can also happen if they lose connection or their battery runs out. When they come back online you will no longer see the exclamation mark.

If someone turns off location sharing you will see that they paused their location next to their name. To make their location visible again they need to:

  1. Enter Settings.
  2. Go to the Circle Switcher located in the top.
  3. Select the desired Circle.
  4. Swipe on Location Sharing to turn it on.
    Does Life360 Notify When Log Out

Location sharing can get bugged if you get a new phone or use Life360 on more than one device. You can fix it by following the steps above to turn it on again.

In case of losing connection, you need to reconnect to Life360. The best way to do it is to restart the app. Log out and log in again. In case the app is not closing, use Force Stop in the App Info. If necessary turn off your phone and turn it on again. Now you should be able to reconnect.

Look out for Family

Life360 is a free and easy way of keeping track of your friends and family. You no longer need to check in with each of them multiple times a day. See them on the map at all times.

However, remember that you share your location on your free will. Nobody can force you to do it. You are only sharing your location with people in your circles. Nobody outside will learn your whereabouts.