November 29, 2023

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How Much Am I Supposed to Tip a Grubhub Driver?

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery services in the US. It’s got a massive user database and thousands of drivers ready to deliver a hot meal straight to your doorstep. However, many people aren’t sure about Grubhub’s tipping etiquette.

Leaving a good tip matters a great deal, and you should know how to determine how big of a tip you should leave. Keep reading, and we’ll explain how things work in detail.

Tipping Is Important

Grubhub orders have three different fees – restaurant fees, delivery fees, and service fees. Sadly, none of those will make it to the driver’s pocket. The drivers all work for tips, so it’s crucial to tip them adequately.

How Much Am I Supposed to Tip Grubhub Drivers

The tip should be somewhere between 5 dollars or 20% of the value of the order, whichever is higher. But there are other factors to consider too. For example, the tip should be even bigger during bad weather or if you’re ordering food for an entire office.

What Are the Standards?

The size of your tip depends on different factors. According to a Facebook post made by Grubhub’s CEO, there are three types of tippers: “percentage,” “keep the change,” and “flat rate” tippers. Let’s see which one of these applies to you.

Percentage Tippers

These tippers like to take care of business the right way. They do the math and calculate the size of the tip according to the percentage of the order.

Even though it’s advised that the tip should be 20% of the total value of the order, most tippers leave between 10 and 15 percent tips. However, the size usually depends on the speed of the delivery. Drivers often already know what to expect from each tipper. The ones that are at the end of each route will leave the smallest tips.

Keep the Change Tippers

“Keep the change” tippers like to pay in cash. They top the order with a few dollars, and they don’t expect any money back. However, Grubhub is against this way of tipping because the tip can sometimes be only a few cents.

Flat Rate Tippers

Going by the post made by Grubhub’s CEO, there are three possible flat rates – Washington, Lincoln, and in-between.

Washington flat rate tippers usually provide tips of 5 dollars, assuming that that’s more than 15 percent of the order value. Delivery drivers always know how much money they can expect from these tippers, which is a relief. Most Washington tippers are ex-waiters and restaurant workers who understand the importance of a good tip.

Lincoln tippers are the people who don’t like to spend much on tips. They tend to include only a dollar or two for each delivery. As expected, they are not very popular among delivery drivers.

The in-betweeners leave a tip between 2 and 5 dollars. The tip depends on factors like the weather, the distance, service, and many others. These tippers like to tip drivers for their service, not according to the value of the order.

No matter which of these three categories you belong to, you should sometimes include some extra money for a good service.

Reasons for an Extra Tip

Now that we’ve got the basic rules down, it’s time to explain how the extra tips work. There are some situations where the delivery drivers really deserve a little extra.

Large Orders

When you’re at the office ordering for the entire floor, the delivery person will have a lot of work to do. Sometimes they will have to make two or three trips to their car to bring you everything you ordered. If that’s the case, provide an extra 3 to 5 percent of the order value.

Bad Weather

Drivers who have to battle snowy or rainy conditions should receive a bigger tip. After all, they will have to navigate slippery streets and possibly drive more slowly than usual, which means that a few extra dollars will be very welcome.

How Much Am I Supposed to Tip Grubhub Driver

20th Floor – No Elevators

If you live in an apartment building without an elevator, the delivery driver will have to climb multiple flights of stairs to reach your apartment. You should include a few dollars as a reward for the unplanned exercise.

The bottom line is that you should provide extra tips whenever the delivery driver has to make an increased effort to deliver your food. If you order 20 pizzas for a birthday party on top of a building, you should be prepared for a bigger tip than usual.

Show your Appreciation

Giving Grubhub drivers the tip they deserve is something that should go without saying. The delivery drivers depend on tips, and they have all kinds of expenses they have to cover. So don’t be a cheapskate with tips, especially when you’re asking for some extra favors. Good tippers ha better chances of getting additional services. Most delivery drivers remember their favorite customers, so you might get your order faster next time.

Which type of tipper are you? Have you ever been on the other side of the equation – that is, have you worked as a Grubhub driver? Tell us what you think about their service in the comment section below.