March 5, 2024

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How to Delete a Person from Life360

Inactive members, false member readings, stalkers – there are plenty of reasons to want to remove people from your circles. In fact, more than you know, given how Life360 has been developed and configured.

But can you do this as easily as you can on other similar apps? That’s the $60,000 question. The answer, however, is yes. The problem is, not everyone can do it. Circle management is not available to all users, unless you make some specific modifications. That’s what we’ll teach you in this article.

Removing People from Circles

You should know that you can only remove people from your circles if you’re a circle admin or creator. If you’re just a member, you won’t be able to remove others, but you will be able to leave whenever you want, if you want to stop sharing location information.


Here’s how to remove a person from a Life360 circle:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Locate and tap the ‘Circle Switcher’ to bring up the list of circles you’re in.
  4. Tap ‘Circle Management’.
  5. Tap ‘Delete Circle Members’.
  6. Find the person you want to remove and tap on his name.

After removing someone, they’ll receive a notification from Life360 that they’ve been removed from that circle. The person that removed them, aka you, won’t be mentioned. But, if someone knows that you were the circle admin before removing them, well, things might get awkward next time you meet.

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Reasons to Remove Someone from Your Circle

The Life360 app developers recommend that you keep your circles to around ten members, maximum. You can obviously invite more, but for app performance and location accuracy purposes, it’s best to keep the number of members close to, or under two digits.

If you start noticing glitches or inconsistent notifications, too many circle members may be the problem. You can remove some members until the app performs optimally again.

Another reason you might want to remove members from a circle is because they’ve been inactive for a while. But what if you don’t have the time to manage your circles? Well, there is a way to have someone else do this for you.

How to Promote Someone Else as Circle Admin

Anything you can do as a circle admin and creator, someone else can do too if you give them admin privileges. This includes removing people from the circle. Here’s how you can promote another member to admin:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  3. Enter ‘Circle Management’.
  4. Go to the ‘Change Admin Status’ tab.
  5. Select a member from the list.
  6. Tap on the slider next to the name.
  7. You can tap the slider again to remove admin privileges.

Interesting fact. If you want to resign as circle admin, you can do so by taping the slider next to your own name. Just note that you should probably do that after promoting someone else as circle admin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give yourself admin status again, even though you may have created the circle in the first place.

Deleting Users Accounts

Here’s something else you might be interested in – deleting a user account. Once someone deletes their account, they’ll be automatically removed from any circles they’re a part of. You may want to avoid doing this yourself if you’re the only ci admin.

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If you delete your own account, the circles you’ve created will be left without a user with administrative privileges. This means that no new members can be invited, nor can existing members be removed against their will.

And here’s another tip concerning deleted accounts. If you want to stop using Life360, for whatever reason, deleting your account won’t also cancel your subscription. You’ll have to do that separately. You can still do it after deleting your account since the process is authenticated via email.

Just something to keep in mind so you don’t get charged for nothing.

Manage Your Circle Member Permissions

Before you jump the gun and start kicking people out of circles left and right, take a moment to make sure you’re making a good decision. Don’t forget to contact those members and ask if they’re having problems with their account or their devices.

You may also want to promote other active members to admin status just in case they’re more active than you are. Let us know if learning about circle management has made the app run smoother for you and if the real-time location tracking accuracy has improved in any way.