December 11, 2023

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How To Get Free Shipping on the Wish App

Is the Wish app too good to be true? Is it legit? How do I get free shipping on the Wish app? How does it work? Is it all cheap Chinese imports? All questions we have seen or heard over the past few months about one of the highest profile shopping apps around right now.

The Wish app is a shopping app that has created a huge hype over the past twelve months. Available for phones or on the web, the app promises low prices for some great products and the ability to shop from anywhere you like. With a promised ‘100 million high quality items’ available, the app seems too good to be true.

Is the Wish app too good to be true?

Yes and no. The Wish app is real and offers real products from real manufacturers and seems to deliver the products you order. However, those products don’t always match the image or description and can vary wildly in size and quality. Pricing is also size-dependent which is new.

If you’re flexible in your approach to purchases and don’t mind if an item of clothing looks slightly different or is a slightly different color, you’re all good. If you’re a very specific buyer for whom the item received must exactly match the item you thought you were receiving, the Wish app is not for you.

Returns and customer service has come under a lot of criticism too. While returns for defective items are free, the process is neither easy nor customer friendly.

Is the Wish app legit?

The Wish app is legit. It was started by an ex Google and an ex Yahoo employee. It works a bit like Alibaba or drop shipping. The app links to manufacturers of goods rather than to wholesalers or retailers. They fulfill the order directly from the factory and send it from the line or warehouse.

The app cuts out all those in the middle of the retail chain which is why the prices are so cheap.

How do I get free shipping on the Wish app?

Most products require you to pay shipping but not all of them do. Shipping isn’t expensive, usually around $3 but as we’re discount shopping, it seems worth trying to get free shipping as well as cheap products. There is one code I know of that seems to work well enough but you need to have been using your account for a few months before it is accepted.

When you have made a purchase, enter ‘3shipping’ into the Promo Code box. If your account qualifies, the shipping should be taken off your bill and you just pay for the items you’re buying. It isn’t guaranteed to work but it apparently does.

There are also lots of vouchers and promotional codes on Facebook and elsewhere that can offer further discounts or free shipping. Google is your friend there.

How does the Wish app work?

The Wish app is a way to buy direct from manufacturers. If you know Alibaba, it’s the same premise as that. Manufacturers use the app to list items for sale. When you buy the item, rather than your order being fulfilled by a wholesaler or middleman, it is the manufacturer themselves to fulfills it.

Cutting out the majority of the supply chain lowers the cost substantially, most of which is passed onto you. Purchases can be paid for using credit card, PayPal or Google Pay and you can set the app up to automatically purchase items in your basket.

You can download the app for Android or iOS or use the desktop website. You do have to sign in to use the app though. You cannot even browse goods without giving your Facebook, Google or email address. Once signed in, you can begin browsing right away.

You are initially asked whether you’re male or female and will be presented with a free gift. The app’s algorithm will begin learning your likes and dislikes and present you with products it thinks you might like. This is fine to a degree but makes shopping for others more of a chore than it should be. Otherwise the app works fine.

Is it all cheap Chinese imports?

Mostly yes. A of it is unbranded or from unknown Chinese manufactures. This is not necessarily a bad thing as most of the things we buy from the store are also manufactured in China. Where you do have to be careful is when a product says ‘Reduced from $399 down to $19’. Lots of these claims are unsubstantiated and not necessarily true.

If you want to use the Wish app, it is better to ignore those discount claims altogether. To look at the product in question and ask yourself if $19 is a fair price for that product while completely ignoring the $399 claim.

The Wish app is incredibly popular app but does have downsides. Use it but use it with care!