December 11, 2023

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How To Join a Group in the Line Chat App

Nowadays, most of our social interactions take place on the internet. Distance is no longer an issue in maintaining a connection with someone.

Line is an excellent social app because it mixes a social media platform with a messaging app. You can expand your circle of friends and join various groups on the Line chat app. You can join your groups led by your friends, but you can also find many groups on Line which are open to the public, which means that anyone with the link can become a member.

There are many ways to join a group on Line. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about joining and creating groups on this popular social app.

How to Create a Group on Line Chat App

Before you go ahead and join someone else’s group, you can make your own group to see what options Line group chats offer. Follow these steps to create a group on Line:

  1. Download Line for free on the Google Play Store or App Store depending on the type of device you are using. Line is also available for Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome on their website.
  2. Once you have installed the app and opened it, you will need to complete an easy sign up process.
  3. When you finish that, Line will launch and you will immediately land on the Friends tab.
  4. In the middle of the screen, you should see an option labeled “Create group.” Tap it.
  5. Select all the friends from your contacts that you want to add. When you sign up, you will get a choice to sync your phone contacts with Line, so you don’t have to add friends manually.
  6. Choose Next in the top-right corner. You can then add a group picture and name the group.
  7. Tap “Create” in the top-right corner of your screen and you can start chatting right away

You can use the group to add pictures, notes, videos, and much more. Apart from sending textual messages, you can also make calls and HD-quality video calls to the group members. You can also send voice messages, record live videos, and make events – whether you’re the owner of the group or just its member, which leads us to our main topic.

How to Join a Group on Line Chat

There are many ways one can join a group chat on Line. It is worth mentioning that new members will not be added to the group until they confirm they want to be added by pressing Join on their invitation. A single group on Line can have up to 500 members.

5 Ways to Join a Group on Line

  1. Join a group via direct friend invites from within the app – The group creator and other group members can invite new friends from their contact list at any time. It is also the easiest method of joining a group because all you need to do is confirm the invite.
  2. Join a group with a QR code – T owner of the group can choose to share the invite QR code with others. This is like a bar code you can scan with your smartphone camera. They can either send you the picture of this code or show it to you in person and let you scan it.
    Line QR code
  3. Join a group using an invite link – Direct invite links are easier to follow than the QR codes. You can find them posted online on some forums or sites. Click the link and join the group. If it is a private group, you can ask one of the members or the group owner to send you the link in a private message.
    Line invite link
  4. Join a group chat via email – Your friends can also invite you to Line groups via email. You will receive the invitation email with a direct link asking you to join their group.
    line email invite
  5. Join a group on Line via text message – Another good private way of inviting friends on Line is via text message. You will get a text saying you were invited to a group along with the sender name and a hyperlink you should click in order to join.

How to Find Line Groups

There are Line groups for many niches, for example, fans of a specific computer game or anime. The best way to find those groups is by using your browser, Reddit, or Facebook. There are also many groups made for members of certain nationalities and people who want to learn more about those nations and countries, like the United Kingdom group. Look on the internet and you will surely find a group that might interest you.

Squad Goals

Line is a great place to hang out with your friends, but you can also meet many new, interesting people. There are many other apps and forums where friends and communities can gather, but Line allows you to get much more interactive than other platforms.

Are you a member of any groups on Line? If so, what types of groups are they and what do you use them for the most? Tell us more in the comments below!