October 5, 2023

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How To Make a Photo Collage for a Snapchat Story

Since its inception, Snapchat has steadily attracted users, especially the younger crowd. At the time of writing, it is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. The users love sharing their moments on Snapchat and are always looking for ways to become better storytellers.

A great way to engage with your followers is to create collages in Snapchat. Now, perhaps you’re thinking, there’s no such function in Snapchat. Well, you’re right… kind of, but not really. Here are two ingenious ways to make your story pop and impress your viewers with collages.

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Have you ever had a great idea for your story but needed several videos to get it across? It’s going to be a bit of a bore for your followers to be getting a notification every 15 minutes for the next instalment of your masterpiece. Sometimes you may need a little while to set up your next snap but don’t want to break the continuity.  Here’s how you can release your inner Spielberg.

  1. Turn on Airplane mode — This step is necessary to let you queue up your uploads. If your device has no internet access it will try to upload your snaps and fail. But don’t worry, we’re going to upload them all at once later.
    airplane mode
  2. Launch the Snapchat app and start filming — Once you open the app, it will immediately show you the camera. Create the first of your pictures or videos.
  3. Add the snap to your story — Once you’re satisfied, tap the add icon to add the snap to your story. You should be in airplane mode so your device has no internet access. You may receive a warning message saying you have “No internet connection” or it will simply fail to upload. Go ahead and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve fully told your story.
  4. Turn off airplane mode — You’re in the home stretch. Turn airplane mode back off and go into your “Stories” screen. Once there, tap on the triple-dot icon () in the top right corner.
  5. Upload your snaps — This is where the magic happens. For every snap that failed to load, you’ll see a “Tap to retry” message. Work your way up from the bottom, the last snap on the list is the first one you made. Upload them all in quick succession and marvel at your creation!

Something to keep in mind is that your snaps will still be timestamped to when you made them, not when you uploaded them. They will, of course, be deleted when they expire but they won’t delete in unison but rather as their expiration arrives.

A Little Outside Help

The other way to spice up your stories with a collage is a lot simpler but effective. This method is a little more restrictive as it only works with photos. Snapchat allows you to upload photos from your phone’s gallery rather than take photos directly in the app. You can make use of this feature and combine it with another app to make your story stand out.

There are many great apps that allow you to make stunning collages simply and quickly. Good options include PicCollage and Layout if you’re not looking to spend. If you’re willing to use a paid app, Diptic is a great option as well. Pick out the one that’s right for you and put together a collage that you’re proud of from photos in your device.

Once you’ve got your collage ready to go, you’re going to upload it to your story. To do this, simply find the photo in your gallery, select it, and use the share feature. Once you’re ready to share it, Snapchat will offer you a list of friends to share it with. Rather than doing this, navigate down the list to find “Your Story” and tap it to post your collage directly to your story.


Snap Like a Pro

Now that you know how to inject some life into your snaps, get creative. Sometimes a series of photos uploaded one after another can be better at telling a story than a video. Think about how stop motion animators use still frames to convey motion and life. Or how about making a building seem larger than life by splitting it into several photos in your story?

What other ideas can you come up with? Don’t forget to share with the community in the comments.