October 3, 2023

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How To Report an Uber Driver

Uber is a next level rideshare experience. This company offers convenience in transport, and the cost is affordable. What makes Uber great is how they make all their drivers maintain and clean the vehicles they use.

The drivers are professional, polite, and they make you feel safe. Well, in most cases they do. There’s always a rotten apple in the crate, and the same applies to Uber. However, you can report any driver who made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe directly to Uber.

They want to remove them from the streets as much as you do, especially because they damage the company’s image. Keep reading and you will find out how to spot a bad driver working for Uber and how to report them.

How to Report Uber Drivers

How to Spot a Bad Uber Driver

Before you report an Uber driver, check whether everything is as it should be. Drivers at Uber have to have a safe and well-maintained vehicle, abide traffic regulations and drive safe. Some of them fail to carry out their responsibilities, and these are the most dangerous situations:

  1. Distracted driving – Nobody should ever drive if they are distracted, tired or agitated. Many things fall into this category, for example driving and texting. This is very dangerous because the driver is not paying attention to traffic and can potentially lose control of the vehicle. Each state has different laws on cellphones and driving but usually, it is forbidden. Drivers who are sleepy are also terrible for traffic and they can get you hurt.
  2. Breaking traffic rules – If you notice your driver is breaking the law you should report them. Running through red lights or stop signs is dangerous and it can lead to serious consequences. These are just some examples of rule-breaking; drivers should follow all of them.
  3. Speeding – Rideshare service drivers should not drive faster than permitted just to get to the location faster and earn more money. Real life is not like the movie “Taxi”, where speeding seems cool, it can get people seriously injured or killed.
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs – DUIs is a no-brainer. If you notice your driver is under the influence tell them to stop right away and report them afterward.

How to Report Irresponsible Uber Drivers

Uber is a big company and it has many drivers. In case you encounter an aggressive, irresponsible, impolite driver you can stop the ride whenever you want and report them later on. Uber always checks drivers prior to hiring them, but sometimes this is not enough.

How to Report Uber Driver

How to Leave a Review

Reviews are the least severe form of reporting Uber drivers. You can notify Uber about their rudeness or other inconvenience https://www.novodasoftware.com/during the ride. Maybe their car was not clean, or it was damaged or out of tune.

Reviews are based on a star system, going from one to five stars. Make a detailed review of the reason why you gave a driver a bad rating. Uber will appreciate your feedback and work on improving it.


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Contact Uber Support via Email

This is a step up from reviews in terms of the severity of your problem with the driver. If you were really agitated by something, email the customer support. However, this kind of report is still not linked to your safety.

If you think a review is not enough, you can talk to Uber and get a response. Maybe the driver was smoking, or texting while driving.

Contact Uber Critical Safety Line

Note that this line is used for only the most serious safety concerns. The line is open 24/7. In case a driver did something to make you feel unsafe or concerned, make the call right away. If he was just rude or made a wrong turn somewhere, leave a review instead. This line is for emergencies only. The number is 800 353-8237.

Good reasons to call the line are in cases where the driver:

  1. Broke the law in any way.
  2. Threatened to hurt you.
  3. Was reckless behind the wheel.
  4. Caused a traffic accident.
  5. Harmed or abused you in any way.

You should remove yourself from the danger first and then call 911. Notifying Uber is not enough, it is best to let the police handle it.

Safety First

Remember that you are using a rideshare service on your free will. You can stop the ride at any time if your Uber driver is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. After that, you have several options for reporting them, based on the severity of their behavior.

In the most severe cases, you can report the driver to the police and the Uber safety line. They will take care of the rest, just make sure to get out of harm’s way.