March 5, 2024

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How to Tell If Someone Deleted Life360

Life360 is designed to be the ultimate tracking app, as it’s hard to trick and difficult to spoof your location. Because of this, some members of your circles may feel the app is invading their privacy and decide to delete it. There are two ways to delete Life360 and you might not figure out right away that a member has done so.

You can delete your Life360 profile or delete the app itself, plus there’s an option to get deleted by the circle creator. Depending on what you do, there might be a notification that a member is no longer available on Life360.

What Happens If Someone Deletes Life360 App?

Should a member decide to delete the app, the admin and other circle members don’t get a notification. This is logical because Life360 doesn’t have access to iPhone or Android app settings. However, deleting the app also removes your profile from the system, if Life360 circles might not immediately pick up the changes.

For example, the app could display the last logged location, show “Location Tracking Paused,” or display an exclamation mark until the software registers the user is gone. Afterward, the member’s location beacon is gone and they won’t appear in any of the circles.


What Happens If Someone Deletes Life360 Account?

The developer doesn’t provide any information if there’s a notification when someone deletes the Life360 account. Nevertheless, you can easily tell that the person is no longer there. First of all, the user location stops updating, and again, there might be a message that it’s temporarily off.

But don’t think right away that the member deleted the app or the account. The location might lack an update when there’s no network, if the battery is under 20%, and when a member decides to disable tracking. In addition, VPNs and silent modes are also very good at spoofing someone’s whereabouts.

With this in mind, you might want to access the People menu, the fist icon at the bottom left of the screen. There, you should be able to find the user’s profile picture and check their stats. To make things clear, deleting the account removes all the drive history, pinned places, as well as the user’s beacon. In other words, you won’t be able to find him or her on the map if the account is deleted.

How to Delete Life360 Account

Tap Settings at the bottom right of the screen and select Account under Universal Settings. Choose Delete Account in the following window and confirm your selection by tapping on “Delete My Account.”

delete account

Important Note

Deleting the account or the app doesn’t automatically cancel a premium subscription. For that, you need to access the app via App Store or PlayStore and remove the subscription there. If you’ve paid with a credit card, log into the bank/credit card account, select Billing and follow the cancelation instructions.

What Happens If Someone Gets Deleted from a Circle?

The circle creator and/or administrator have the privileges to delete a member. But this isn’t the same as when a person decides to remove the account from the app. Getting removed from a circle doesn’t affect the member’s profile, drive history, and other logged data.

That said, the information won’t be available within that particular circle and the ousted member gets a notification that they’ve been excluded.

How to Delete a Circle Member

First, you need to make sure you’re logged in with administrative privileges. Then, access Settings and navigate to Circle Management. If you use multiple circles, tap on the one that features the surplus member and select “Delete Circle Members.”

delete circle members

Choose a member from the list, confirm your choice, and tap Save or Done for the changes to take effect. This member will instantly get removed and his or her location history will no longer be available.

What to Do When Someone Deletes Life360?

The answer to this question depends on why and how you’re using the app. For example, Life360 has been touted as the ultimate mom’s app because it allows users to keep a watchful eye over their children at all times. Needless to say, this isn’t something a child gladly accepts so they might delete the app or the account.

In this case, some friendly parenting is in need and you might need to reconsider the reasons why you’ve decided to geo-locate your offspring in the first place. On the other hand, Life360 works great for small companies that need to track employees for safety reasons. Remember, the app offers emergency alarms, roadside condition information, and live chat, which can be invaluable for small delivery businesses.

To cut to the chase, you’d need to ask the employee about the reasons for deleting the app. But in all fairness, this is probably one problem you won’t encounter.

Sniff out the Deletee

Despite being a tracking software, Life360 gives users a lot of room to decide if they want to share location information or not. This is why there’s no need to delete the app unless someone decides not to use it anymore. Be it as it may, it’s very easy to determine if a member deleted the app.

Have you ever considered deleting Life360? Why do you think users decide to delete? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.