December 11, 2023

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How to Use the Calculator App’s Split Bill and Tip Functions on Apple Watch

Since watchOS 6, Apple Watch has included a native Calculator app that offers a couple of handy features for working out how much you should tip and how much each person a group owes if you’re splitting the bill.

The steps below show you how it’s done. Note that the two features can be used together, but you can also use them independently by selecting a 0% tip and changing the number of people, or changing the tip and leaving the People field set to 1.

How to Use the Split Bill and Tip Calculator Functions on ‌Apple Watch‌

  1. Launch the Calculator app on your ‌Apple Watch‌.
  2. Enter the total amount of the bill.
  3. Tap the TIP button in the top-right corner, just left of the divide button.
  4. With the Tip field highlighted in green, turn your watch’s Digital Crown to change the percentage.
  5. To split the bill between a group of people, tap People and then use the Digital Crown to change the number (the maximum is 50).

You’ll see the total amount below the two fields change to reflect your tip adjustments, and the amount below that will change depending on how many people are paying.

Here’s another little tip: If you don’t use the TIP function, you can actually change the button on the calculator layout to a standard percentage (%) function. Simply press firmly on the main calculator screen and tap either Tip Function or Percent.