March 5, 2024

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How to View How Many Photos You Have in Google Photos

If you like to take a bunch of images, Google Photos is a great place to store them. You get 15GB of free storage, without jeopardizing the resolution or quality of your images. Do the quick math, and you’ll know that you can store a few thousand images on Google Photos.

But how many of them have you uploaded?

Google provides you with an exact number of uploaded images. This write-up gives you a quick guide on how to figure out how many.

Google Dashboard

Using Google Dashboard is the quickest and easiest way to find out how many images you’ve uploaded. Open a browser, log into your Google account, and navigate to

Scroll down the page to Photos and click the arrow on the right to reveal the information. Google gives you the total number of photos and albums as well as their status. Plus, you get to see the exact time and date of the last change.

google dashboard

The bottom section features “Go to Photos” and the More menu (three vertical dots). Click on “Go to Photos” to be taken directly to your images and albums. You can access the Google Photos Setting or Help via the More menu, in the “Download data” option.

Note: The “Download data” option is like a general backup. You can pick and choose what data you want to save from Photos and any other Google service/app.

The “My Account” Trick

Some users complained that they have trouble using Google Dashboard or that they can’t ascertain the exact number of photos. Up until recently, you could work around this issue via To be exact, Google used to display the exact number of photos when you tried to delete your account.

You’d select Data & Personalization, scroll down and choose “Delete a service or your account.” After you log in and confirm your identity, Google allows you to preview all data that will be lost. Formerly, the Photos section featured the total number of images but now it just says “All your photos will be deleted.”
delete your google account

Other services under the same menu have a number of files/items. Why there are none next to Photos is anybody’s guess. On a positive note, My Account displays the amount of space Google Photos take up. Select the Home tab, scroll down to Account Storage and click “Manage storage.”

This shows the number of gigabytes for Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail. It’s not the same as getting the precise figure, but it might help if you want to optimize storage.

current storage

Can You Do It on a Smartphone?

Google Photos app doesn’t show you the number of images. This is not surprising since the images the app displays and those on the Cloud may differ. To make things clear, the app picks up all the photos in your Gallery/Camera Roll, if you can synch only a limited number.

Alternatively, it would be great if there was information like “XY images synced, XY images not synched.” You can, in fact, preview the number of photos in each album, but this doesn’t really help you extrapolate the total.


However, you can launch a mobile browser, log into your Google account, and go to to see the number of images. You should know that gathering your data via a mobile browser is much slower than from a desktop browser. Of course, this may vary based on the amount of data and your internet speed.

How to Squeeze in More Images?

As mentioned above, you get 15GB for free but this space includes Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. In general, Gmail takes up the least amount of space. But if you regularly use Google Drive and Photos, you’re likely to run out of space fast.

There are two ways to fix this – buy more storage or choose to upload/back up your images in a different format. Next, we’ll check out how to upload more images for free. Go to Google Photos, hit the hamburger icon to reveal the side menu, and select Settings. The first section you can see is the “Upload Size for Photos and Videos.”


There are two options and the Original one is checked by default. It keeps your images in the same size and format, plus it shows you how much space is left. To squeeze in more images, you can choose the High-Quality option and get unlimited storage for free.

The images are saved in smaller files which means you can upload more, with no cap on gigabytes, and the photos appear the same. This may work great for storing photos to be published on social media or your website. However, the quality might suffer if you decide to print the image or edit it in the Adobe suite.

Photo No. 1097, 1098, 10199…

To recap, using Google Dashboard is basically the only way to tell how many photos you have on your account. But you should know that the number is only a ballpark figure because Google might count the photos you have on other apps/services like Google Hangouts.

How many images do you have on your Google Photos? Do you organize them in albums? Drop us a comment and share your experience with the rest of the community.