October 3, 2023

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The Best FPS Games for Your Chromebook [September 2019]

In 2019, it’s easier than ever to pick a great, powerful Chromebook at a fraction of the price of similar Windows competitors. Chrome OS started as a strange initiative in 2011 following two years of testing, a way to build an operating system that worked entirely in the cloud using web apps as opposed to a traditional operating system, containing files and folders and applications for sorting. In the eight years since its debut, however, Chrome OS—and Chromebooks as a whole—have grown a lot, developing file systems and their own set of applications as Google has worked to add Android applications to the operating system to help create some additional utility with the service. And while the option to install Linux on a Chromebook has always been there, 2018 saw the addition of the ability to run Linux apps directly from Chrome OS, using a virtual machine from your desktop. That support might be rolling out slowly, but it does go a long way in showcasing the abilities and access current-day Chrome OS users have that wasn’t there just five years ago.

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One place Chrome OS always felt lacking in was gaming support. There are some alright games on Chrome OS, but thanks to the addition of Android apps on the operating system—not to mention the growing power of mid-range Chromebooks and the promised Linux support—gaming on Chrome OS has never been better. If you’re looking to play some games on your Chromebook (or perhaps, your brand new Chrome tablet), we have some game recommendations for you. From classic Chrome Apps built on offering FPS experiences to new Android apps that work directly with the majority of current, modern Chrome OS devices, we have a solid list of recommendations if you’re looking to dive into FPS gaming on Chrome OS.

While you might not be able to play popular online games Fortnite or Apex Legends on your Chromebook, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a classic gaming experience. Whether you’re playing from the Chrome Web Store or downloading through Google Play, playing with a mouse and keyboard or using a Bluetooth controller, we have the definitive list of the best FPS games available for Chromebooks today.