March 5, 2024

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The Best Free iPhone Pedometer Apps [May 2019]

On the surface, pedometer apps have a very simple function – they count the number of steps you take. But many of them go a step further and allow you to track routes, measure the distance, and show the number of calories you burn. Why is this important?

Today’s society has grown dependent on different means of transportation. And unless you cycle to school or work, spending a lot of time on wheels doesn’t do your health any good. Pedometer apps are a good aid that might nudge you to walk some more since many of them have been gamified.

This means the more you walk, the more awards/points you get, so let’s take a look at some for the best free pedometer apps for your iPhone.


Free iPhone Pedometer Apps

Stepz takes advantage of Apple Motion Coprocessor to create a powerful, yet light pedometer app. With some help from the given coprocessor, the app gathers motion data without putting additional strain on your battery.

Besides the steps, the app also keeps track of burned calories, climbed stairs, distance, as well as the overall active time. On top of that, it connects with the Health app to provide you with comprehensive history. You can set step goals and track progress by day, week, month, or year.

This app is iWatch compatible and it works on iOS 11.0 and later. Stepz is free but there are also pro and prime versions that come at a price.

Pedometer ++

Best Free Pedometer Apps Best Free iPhone Pedometer Apps

With an average rating of 4.6 and close to 17K user reviews, Pedometer ++ is surely one of the most popular apps in its category. Similar to Stepz, the app is battery-friendly and it provides you with a ton of metrics. So, what features make it special?

The step counter is displayed on the application icon, meaning you don’t need to access the app to view it. Pedometer ++ is one of the gamified apps and it awards you with a cool animation once you reach or exceed the goal.

Like most pedometer apps it integrates well with the iWatch and it can send you iMessages as well. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 and later versions of the OS. Have in mind that there are advertisements in the free versions.

ActivityTracker Pedometer

iphone best free pedometer apps

ActivityTracker is yet another pedometer app that tops the most popular list in the health and fitness category. At first glance, it has a superbly clean interface.

As for the actual features, the app provides accurate walking metrics (distance, speed, calories, and time) and it’s gentle on your battery as well. This means the app doesn’t work with the GPS and, unfortunately, there is no way to track your route.

On the upside, the app works great with your iWatch and allows you to view hour-by-hour data for an entire week. ActivityTracker is free, but if you want advanced iWatch integration and more features, you’ll need to buy the pro version.

Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Free iPhone Pedometer App

Judging by the reviews and ratings alone, Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker can give all other apps a good run for their money. And rest assured, there is a reason users love this app so much.

To be precise, Pacer acts like your health coach and walking buddy. The app features a clean intuitive interface and there’s an entire community of users who show TLC to support your efforts. Pacer also features guided workouts and customizable fitness plans. And there are fun challenges as well.

However, the app has its share of downsides. It utilizes iPhone’s GPS so it might not be that battery-friendly. The guided workouts are available only in the paid versions.

Accupendo Pedometer

Best Free iPhone Pedometer App

When it comes to ease of use and features, Accupendo Pedometer ticks all the right boxes. The app sports a user-friendly interface that displays all your metrics in a single window. The data includes distance, step count, calories, and walking time.

You can also use the app for cycling or running and there’s a map with detailed metrics for a specific route. Accupendo uses GPS to provide the data. This might be the app’s Achilles heel since it can drain the battery rather fast.

To end on a positive note, Accupendo is completely free (no in-app purchases) and it displays the steps on the app icon.

Take a Leap of Health

Can you estimate the number of steps you take each day without an app? You probably can’t. Estimating the distance might be somewhat easier. But then, you can never be 100% sure on the calories you burn or your speed. This is where pedometer apps land a helping hand.

Don’t hesitate to choose one and start setting your weekly and daily walking goals. And when you hit a milestone, feel free to drop us a comment and share your experience with the app.