December 11, 2023

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The Best Tablets for Kids [October 2019]

Tablets are all the rage these days, and with good reason. With the latest generation of iPads and Amazon tablets, it’s now possible to take an incredible amount of computing power with you on the go, and the technology only seems to be growing more powerful and compact by the day. 

But the tablet revolution hasn’t just affected adults. There are now plenty of tablets that have been crafted with children in mind, and they vary a great deal in both aesthetics and computing power. 

But buying a tablet for your child is very different than buying a tablet for an adult. When it comes to a kid’s tablet, the look and durability of the gadget are usually more important than the RAM size or processor, and it’s likely that your child will want to graduate to a more mature tablet in the coming years—meaning you probably don’t want to drop an exorbitant amount of cash on the latest iPad. 

It’s also worth taking into consideration that fact that most kids tablets only allow kid-friendly apps, as opposed to adult tablets that allow you to download and perhaps accidentally share a more adult-level app that you wouldn’t want your kid seeing. 

And although your child’s specific age plays a significant role in the type of tablet you buy, there are some tablets made exclusively for kids that are simply better and more reliable than the others, and we’ve rounded up the best ones for you here. 

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