October 5, 2023

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The Best Wireless Home Security Cameras [September 2019]

The home security market has come a long way in the past ten years. It’s now possible to take advantage of top-notch security systems that can keep digital eyes on every corner of your home without breaking the bank, and the technology seems to be growing more streamlined and powerful by the day. 

Unlike past home security systems that cost an arm and a leg and only provided minimal coverage of a select portion of your home, users with minimal technical know-how can now easily monitor their belongings from afar, and initiate a series of emergency procedures if there’s a breach. 

And it’s not just belongings that people are looking after. Home security cameras are just as useful for keeping an eye on your child while you’re in the other room or your pets while you’re at work, and more and more home security cameras now come with integrated microphones and speakers that can be used to communicate with anyone in the room. 

The only problem with the home security camera revolution is that the buying options are seemingly limitless, and choosing which camera is right for your home or budget can be exhausting. 

Still, a few home security cameras simply stand ahead of the pack when it comes to power, convenience, functionality and cost, and every one of them happens to be wireless. 

To make your life easier, we’ve assembled the best and most affordable wireless home security cameras on the market—each of which comes with a range of convenient features that make them ideal for both home security and watching your dog do funny stuff while you’re at work. 

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