March 5, 2024

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What Does WCW Mean?

Chances are, if you use or have used social media in any capacity you’ve come across the acronym ‘WCW’. You may notice that posts with this acronym almost always accompany a picture of a woman and pop up on your feed on a Wednesday. Well, there’s a reason for that, and the reason is that WCW stands for, you guessed it, Woman (or Women) Crush Wednesday!

Woman Crush Wednesday is important because it’s a weekly opportunity to publicly highlight the women we admire and/or find attractive. It’s a time for people to brag on their female friends or significant others or celebrities who they’ve never met and geek out in admiration. It opens an avenue to bring women, who maybe aren’t as well known in society, the spotlight for the incredible work they do behind the scenes to make the world a better place.

While we should appreciate women every single day, this weekly social media celebration has made shouting respects from the rooftops a habit and that’s truly beautiful.

If you have a woman in your life that you want to appreciate, I highly advise you do at least one WCW post for t Do not do this for a woman that you have a crush on that isn’t interested. That is not how this works! WCW is a time to show to a special woman that you see them and that you’re thankful for who they are to you. Celebrities are different since most of us don’t know these famous crushes, so just be classy about it.


When it comes down to it, social media has provided an outlet for us to laugh and cry and laugh some more but it’s a great place to also love on those who put a genuine smile on our faces on even the darkest of days. So next Wednesday when you’re scrolling through your various timelines and see all of those Woman Crush Wednesday posts, consider being a part of the internet that has chosen to publicly display their thankfulness to the women who bring positivity and joy into this world.