October 3, 2023

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What to Do if Your Screen Freezes on Android

Android and iOS are the top two mobile operative systems. Android phones, however, do have a tendency to simply freeze and not respond to any command (not to say that iOS phones are immune). In such a situation, your phone is rendered useless, so you’ll want to know how to resolve it. Here’s what to do if your Android phone screen freezes.

Plug It In

This may seem like a longshot, but your phone may have simply run out of battery and chosen to freeze your screen rather than turning it off. This means that you won’t be able to perform a restart or a factory reset. Of course, removing the battery wilhttps://www.novodasoftware.com/l shut it down, but you’ll have to plug it into a power source anyway.

Even if your battery is far from empty, it may have been drained by a glitch or error, so it’s worth plugging your phone in.


The Tech Support Answer

Any customer or tech support rep would ask this first and foremost: “Have you tried rebooting the device?” Whatever your device or problem, there’s always a chance that you can fix it with a simple restart. If not, try turning the phone off and leaving it alone for a while. After about 15 minutes, try starting it again.

To restart or turn off a frozen phone, simply press and hold the power button. Note that this may take a while. Even if you need to hold the button for 15 seconds or more, do it until it turns off. To start it up again, press or hold the power button.

The Battery

If your Android phone either shut down or restart no matter what, it may be smart to remove the battery. Unlike the iPhone, most Android phones come with user-removable battery doors for easy removal of the battery, SIM card, and memory card. To remove the battery door, consult your phone’s user manual or simply google and download the PDF version.

Once you’ve successfully removed the battery, leave it out for a while. Leave everything in a dry place away from the sun or high temperature. This will cool things down better as an overheated battery may cause screen freezes and other phone malfunctions. You may have to leave your phone like this for a few hours. After that, or as soon as you’ve summoned the courage, you can assemble it and try turning it on normally.

Another important factor to take into account is the battery itself. Make sure to examine it closely. Are there any changes in shape? Does it seem bloated? Is it hotter to the touch than usually? If anything seems out of place, chances are that you’re going to need a new battery. This may set you back a few bucks, but it certainly beats having your smartphone explode on you (exaggeration alert, or maybe not?).

The Phone Keeps Freezing

One of the above solutions is bound to work in most cases. However, in some cases, freezes tend to be reoccurring. If your phone continues to freeze, you may have to bring it in and let the pros tell you what may be wrong with it. If they can’t find anything battery or hardware related, it may be time for a factory reset, which the technicians will likely suggest.

But, before you proceed with a factory reset, try uninstalling all recently installed apps. One of these may be the source of the conflict. If the app is legitimate and turns out to be the one causing your phone freeze too, contact the phone manufacturer or app developer’s technical support and have them sort this out for you, hopefully.

android phone screen freezes

If deleting apps doesn’t help, it’s time to proceed with a factory reset. Make sure that everything is backed up first, however. If it freezes too often for you to do a backup, contact tech support for a solution (or better yet, look up the relevant articles right here on TechJunkie).

When you’re ready, just find the Factory Reset option in the Settings menu and restore the phone to its factory settings. This should clear up any software issues that may have caused your smartphone screen to freeze.

Do not perform a factory reset if the screen freeze was a one-time thing. It could’ve been just a glitch that’s not worth worrying about, let alone a factory reset.

Screen Freeze

Having the screen freeze on your Android phone is just as annoying as the PC’s infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error. Make sure to fix this issue as soon as possible and get to the bottom of it, or risk the problem getting worse or reoccurring often.

Has your Android phone screen ever frozen on you? What did you try and what worked for you? Go ahead and share this info with the community in the comments section below.