December 12, 2023

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What’s the difference between UberXL and UberSUV

Using Uber used to be so simple. You opened the app, set a pickup and drop off and waited for the driver to arrive. Now when you sign up to the service you have several ride types to choose from, UberX and UberXL, UberSelect, UberBlack, UberLUX and UberSUV. So what’s the difference between them all and which should you use?

When it was first launched, Uber was regarded as an upstart or disrupter depending on your viewpoint. Taxi drivers viewed it as a threat and not many people thought it would work. Ten years after launch and the service is worth billions, with an estimated user base of over 120 million people. A lot has changed in that time including the services on offer.

So what do all these services offer? Here’s a brief description of each of the currently available Uber services. Not all services are available in all cities.


UberX is what ordering an Uber used to be. The single ride for up to 4 passengers at a fixed price. It’s the default option that sees you collected in a normal vehicle and drives directly to where you need to go.


UberXL is similar to UberX but can carry up to 6 passengers or extra luggage. It tends to use larger vehicles with either more seats or more cargo space depending on your needs. This would be a minivan, SUV or station wagon.


UberSelect isn’t available everywhere. It offers the same ride service as UberX but with more upmarket cars. It is still the same pick up and drop off service but will use high end vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln and so on. It is more expensive than UberX or XL but cheaper than Black.


UberBlack is a top end service that is similar to a town car service. It uses classy vehicles, black liveried or suited professional chauffeurs and is ideal for making a statement or traveling in style. You will generally travel in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Lincoln or something similar.


UberLUX is the top end service. It’s a luxury ride service for up to 4 people. It uses the same principle as UberX in pick up and drop off but will use a professional driver and luxury vehicles. You will see limousines, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz S-class and similar level vehicles using this. You pay for the privilege but if you want to travel in style, this is how you do it.


UberSUV is exactly as the name suggests. A ride using only SUVs. It’s on a level with UberBlack in that it uses quality SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator and similar. It is suitable for 1 to 6 passengers and works like all the other services.


UberPool is a pool car option. This is the cheapest way to travel but may involve a little walking. You hail a ride in the app and are paired with others going in roughly the same direction. You may need to walk to the pickup and perhaps a block or three to your destination. You share the ride with others and split the cost. It’s a cheap way of getting around if you’re not in a hurry.


uberASSIST uses specially adapted vehicles for those who need extra assistance in their travel such as the elderly or those with mobility issues. Most, if not all, vehicles will be able to carry wheelchairs while the driver will offer extra assistance in getting in and out of the vehicle as required.

More Uber ride types are apparently on the way like UberAir, UberFlash, UberBike and others but are either limited or still being finalized.

How to select your desired Uber ride type?

So now you have a good idea of the different types of ride available through Uber, how do you select it when looking for a ride? UberX is the default but what if you want something a little more luxurious or spacious?

  1. Open the Uber app on your device.
  2. Select the destination from the app.
  3. Scroll through the ride options that appear.
  4. Select your desired ride type from the list and select Confirm.

Not all Uber ride types are available everywhere. If you don’t see a ride type in the list, it isn’t available. Prices vary quite a bit between types but the app will show you how much to expect beside the selection.

Once you select a ride type, you will see the message change from Confirm UberX to Confirm UberBlack or whatever ride type you selected.

Uber has come a long way since its launch back in 2009. It has shifted from disruptor to mainstream a most western cities will have some kind of Uber presence. It has made getting around our cities easy and genuinely made car ownership optional. Long may it continue!