November 29, 2023

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Where To Find the Best iPhone XS Wallpapers

Considering the amount of time we spend staring at our phones, an attractive background can make a real difference to the experience. As wallpapers can be changed on a whim, I think it useful to have a collection of wallpapers to choose from that suit every mood. That’s what prompted this list of the best iPhone XS wallpapers.

As is my usual habit, rather than posting 20 of the best iPhone XS wallpapers for you to choose from, I create a list of websites that also have wallpaper lists. Rather than just 20 wallpapers, you then have access to hundreds. Most of these sites will also feature wallpapers for other devices too for a little extra benefit.

So without further ado, here are some of the best iPhone XS wallpapers around right now. Some of these websites also feature iPhone XS Max wallpaper. You can easily resize them to fit your XS with your photo editor so it’s all good. is a wallpaper website that carries images for all kinds of devices including iPhone XS. There are some very high quality images in portrait that are ideal for phones. There is a real mix here, peaceful landscapes, futuristic renderings, cars, girls, cityscapes and all sorts. With 16 pages to choose from, there is going to be something here you like. is an Apple fansite and has a page of very good wallpapers for the iPhone XS. There are landscapes, 3D art, renderings and more. There are also links on the page to other wallpaper websites so this single link could potentially lead you to hundreds of wallpapers. often appears on my wallpaper lists. It’s a huge website with thousands of wallpapers for all kinds of devices. I tend to get my desktop wallpapers from here but I have gotten a few phone wallpapers too. There is everything here, from renderings, images, cars, space, tech and a whole lot more.


Pinterest is another regular in my wallpaper lists as it’s a massive repos of wallpapers and inspirational images. As long as you don’t mind the breadcrumb following this site always has, you’re good. This page is dedicated to iPhone XS wallpapers, as is this page and this page too. Search is also your friend on Pinterest as there are always new images to see.

Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me is an app rather than website but has a bunch of live wallpapers that have been very well reviewed. If you don’t mind the extra battery drain a live wallpaper brings with it, these are some excellent backgrounds for your iPhone.


The Zedge name is well known in mobile. It’s a huge operation that offers wallpapers, ringtones, graphics, icons and all sorts for all kinds of phones. The page I linked to has iPhone wallpapers that will work fine on an iPhone XS or any newer handset. Some are okay and some are exceptional. All are in HD or QHD and would look great on your phone. is another of my regulars as it never lets me down. Another huge website fill of wallpapers for all kinds of devices, including the iPhone XS. The linked page has been curated to include some 4K wallpapers but the general iPhone category also has hundreds of great quality wallpapers to download.


iLikeWallpaper is a messy website with a haphazard arrangement of wallpapers but the quality and variety of those wallpapers cannot be ignored. There are some seriously good ones on here, including some I haven’t seen elsewhere. They include everything from nature to cityscapes, landscaped and buildings, people and places and all kinds of stuff.

iPhone XS Max Wallpaper

If you’re into Star Wars, this page on Blogspot called iPhone XS Max Wallpaper is for you. It has a bunch of images from Star Wars including some very cool shots of stormtroopers and other characters. Some are poor, but some are very good indeed and are well worth checking out if you want a little Star Wars action on your iPhone.


Medium can be a useful website to know and that’s the case here. A page on the website has its own list of ‘20 Brilliant Websites To Download iPhone Wallpapers For Free’. A couple I have already mentioned but there are plenty on there that I haven’t. Rather than repeating myself and boring you, I’ll just leave this link here and let you follow the trail.

Those pages will lead you to several hundred high quality iPhone XS wallpapers. There is bound to be something in there you like!

Got any suggestions for other places to look? Link to them below to help our readers!